Doodle4Google K-12 Artwork Competition

Doode4Google Contest 2014

Google has an annual art contest that’s fun for kids of all ages! The Doodle4Google art competition is open from now until March 20th. The theme this year is “If I Could Invent One Thing to Make the World a Better Place…”  Students in grade K-12 can create a drawing that illustrates this theme using the Google logo.

Sounds hard? It’s not! Google makes it easy by supplying everything you need online (except your own creativity, of course!).


To start, have your child brainstorm ideas. What kind of inventions does the world need? Which ones would your child like to invent? Brainstorm ideas on how to illustrate them as well.  If your child is stuck, access the Classroom Activities Tab for ideas on how to get creative thoughts flowing.

Print the Form

Go to the Doodle4Google website and download an entry form. The entry form has the Google logo printed on it in light, dotted lines. Your child can use these lines as guides, drawing right over them. That way, he’ll be sure to incorporate the logo. I always print off a number of these forms when the kids are just getting started. That way, they can try out different ideas before they draw their final illustration.

Get Doodling!

Your child can make a lot of doodles at home, but he can only submit one to Google. After he settles on a design, he can create it with pens, markers, colored pencils – even a computer program!


When the artwork is finished, you can send it in either by mail or by uploading it online. Either way, March 20th is the deadline!


Google offers a lot of great prizes! They include t-shirts, tablets, computers, even college scholarships! There’s a winner in every state, four national semi-finalists, and one national grand prize winner.

For all the rules, forms, prizes, and more information, click here.

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