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Children E-BookI’ve read a lot recently about the rise in the popularity of e-books. Less expensive than regular books, they are instantly downloadable and you can access them anytime and anywhere from your computer. For children, you can find both fiction and nonfiction books, from picture books to early chapter books to complete novels. Below are a couple of companies that carry e-books for kids:

The Old Schoolhouse

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has an online store with many e-books available to purchase. Subjects covered include geography, history, math, language arts, P.E., and science. In the electives section, you’ll find e-books for art, music, computer science, foreign language, speech, and critical thinking. More books are offered on other topics related to homeschooling, such as books about learning styles, high school and college help, planning and organization, business and finance, holiday and gift ideas, and family matters. Chances are if you’re looking for something related to homeschooling, you’ll find it here. Stories, craft books, coloring books — The Old Schoolhouse has a huge list to choose from.


Guardian Angel Publishing

This publishing company has a long list of original e-book titles. Many of the books are also available in print or on CD. Guardian Angel’s children’s books include concept books for the very young, picture books for kids of all ages, and chapter books for those reading well on their own. The “Academic Wings” section features picture books with a focus on history, grammar, math, science, or reading. Their books include both fiction and nonfiction, so if you’re looking for an e-book to supplement your lessons, be sure to visit their website.



If you are looking for a particular book, either fiction or nonfiction, you might want to look for it on Fictionwise. This site, part of Barnes and Noble, offers thousands of e-books at a discount. There are so many, though, that it’s helpful to know just what you are looking for before you begin.


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