Emotional Learning Apps

Though we focus on our children’s academic well being, we mustn’t forget their emotional state. Being happy, enjoying friendships, being resilient and being able to overcome obstacles are all necessary to emotional well being.

Emotional Learning Apps

Though just everyday interactions help, bring resilience, dealing with emotions, mindfulness, empathy, gratitude, fighting bullying, trust, self-esteem and optimism to the forefront using the technology that is at your fingertips.

Below are great emotional learning apps for school-aged children to use hand in hand with lessons.

-Smiling Mind http://smilingmind.com.au

Smiling Mind is a free intuitive app for young people to gain an understanding of mindfulness and modern meditation. Mindfulness and mindfulness-based meditation are tools used for building resilience and well-being.

-Middle School Confidential (Book 1 and Book 2)

For $2.99, get this award-winning series. It is an interactive comic book which appeals to children of all ages. It has good messages relating to social emotional learning. It inspires great discussion around common sensitive issues. The app download includes a leader’s guide.

-Emotionary http://www.funnyfeelings.com.au

This app is only $1.99 and gives young people the tools and skills to express themselves well in the digital era. Emotionary is a unique dictionary and is a great tool that could help kids develop an emotional vocabulary in a fun and interactive way. It contains over 70 expressive full-sized emoticons, and hundreds of feelings to choose from. It can also be used for social networking for older children. The ability to express how you are feeling to others is such an important skill.  The download includes other tools for teaching emotional intelligence.

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Article by Nuria Almeida

Photo By Thijs Knaap

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  1. Hi Nuria, I am not sure if my comment from my ipad went through yesterday.  I am interested in this article as it appears to be taken mostly from my blog on teachthought.com – however, you did not included Positive Penguins app – I am keen to hear your feedback as to why you did not include this app.  Many thanks Nuria – always happy others are interested in social emotional learning for kids!!! Meg Price

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