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One of my favorite educational websites that I first came across years ago is EnchantedLearning.com. If you have a student in the elementary or early middle school grades, it’s a great resource for supplemental worksheets in history, geography, music, languages, and science.

When I first found the site, all of their printables were free, and users could donate towards the cost of the site if they wanted to. Today, you can still access much of the site for free, though you can become a member by paying a $20.00 membership fee. I’ve used the site both ways, and I’ve found the membership to be a great investment in our schooling. By paying the fee, you gain access to all of the pages on Enchanted Learning (20,000 plus!), which are all ad-free and more printer-friendly.

What can you find on Enchanted Learning? The question should probably be, what can’t you find? There are printouts about the life cycle of a frog, a butterfly, an ant, and a star. You can find coloring pages featuring John J. Audubon’s “Red Hooded Duck,” Mary Cassatt’s “The Boating Party,” an Amish quilt design, and the pattern on a ceramic bowl from the twelfth century Mimbres culture of New Mexico. Your elementary students can connect the dots to draw whales, trains, and constellations. There are pages to label, writing activities, and graphic organizers.

There’s plenty for preschoolers on this site as well. A K-3 section offers crafts, rebus stories, and themed units. Whether your little one is interested in bats, dinosaurs, fire trucks, or horses, there are plenty of printouts available.

You’ll also find a “What’s New Each Day” button on the homepage. Clicking that button will show you the latest additions to the site, sometimes two or three a day. It’s no wonder Enchanted Learning has so much to offer!

By Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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