Exciting News from SmartTutor.com – Lesson Library Released!

You asked for it! You got it!

Many of you requested the ability to assign lessons to your children. Well, today we are proud to announce our first release of the SmartTutor Lesson Library!

What does this valuable new tool mean for you?
It means that you now have the flexibility of assigning specific lessons to enhance your child’s instruction. Simply go into the lesson library, preview the lessons and then click on the check boxes to assign them.

So now the choice is yours: you can use SmartTutor as usual, you can assign additional lessons OR create your own lesson plan!

By the way, this is a FREE upgrade! There are no additional fees to use the SmartTutor Lesson Library and no downloads needed.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments about this new feature. Please email Lina at lina@smarttutor.com

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  1. I love lesson Library so far. I have a 12yr old who struggles with reading and comprehension. We have been on the site for about 1 month and we are preparing for the CRCT testing. I really hope that this site helps us master our skills. I’ll keep you posted.

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