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Extreme Rocks & MineralsIf you have a young “rock hound” in your family, chances are you’ve checked out a number of rock-related books from the library or purchased them from the bookstore. One of my favorite rock books for elementary-aged children is Extreme Rocks and Minerals! by the Smithsonian, published by HarperCollins Publishers.

Extreme Rocks and Minerals! is a nonfiction picture book with an attractive and easy-to-follow layout of photos and text. It includes information about minerals, igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, ore, and gemstones, all presented in a similar manner: What is an igneous rock? Where are igneous rocks found? How do people use igneous rocks? What is a sedimentary rock? Where are sedimentary rocks found? How do people use sedimentary rocks? and so on. The book also includes an interview with a geologist, as well as a glossary of geological terms and Internet links for further study.

Extreme Rocks and Minerals! is a book you could read together with your children or an older elementary student could read on her own.

Other books your family might also enjoy include:

Eyewitness Rocks and Minerals by DK Publishing, Inc. – I find DK books sometimes confusing, as they usually include a small amount of primary text on the page along with many individual photos with descriptions. However, once your student has a basic understanding of the subject, they are good books to use as a supplement as they are filled with so much extra information.

Rocks Stars: Rocks by Chris and Helen Pellant – This is a good book for elementary students, though it doesn’t contain as much information as Extreme Rocks and Minerals! It does, however, have a “Rock Collector” section in the back with photos and names of rocks to help young collectors identify their finds.

Peterson First Guide to Rocks and Minerals by Frederick H. Pough – For students who are even more enthusiastic about collecting, this small book is invaluable. Containing dozens of color photographs, this guide was designed for the beginning collector to help identify rocks.

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