Factor Applet

Factor Applet

Our latest math applet is designed to help children learn to divide numbers into two factors, and build arrays to represent each factorization.

This applet was also just released on the NCTM Illuminations website where you’ll find some other really cool activities to use in your classroom and home.

How the applet works:

The applet will randomly generate a number between 1-49. A child can then determine the factors of that number, randomly select another number or enter a new number.

You can click-and-drag across the grid to create a rectangle with the dimensions of the factorization or simply enter in the factors in the boxes on the right.

Enter the factorizations of the number as a multiplication expression using either the letter “x” key or “*” and then hit Enter or click on the Check button.

If a rectangle was not drawn you’ll see an animation of a rectangle with matching dimensions of the factorization appear.

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