Family Bonds

Family Bonds

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Homeschooling Can Be a Huge Challenge

I’ll be the first to admit: homeschooling can be a huge challenge. Not only are some subjects hard to teach, but there are other struggles the homeschooling parent must work though: school-day interruptions, learning difficulties, and just plain bad attitudes. I’m sure I’ve told all of my kids at least three times that I wasn’t going to do it anymore – that next year (or the next day!) I was going to enroll them in school. But I haven’t done it yet, and as my oldest son graduates, I am so glad we stuck it out. Not only is he a great student with a bright future ahead of him, but he has relationships with his siblings that were worth all the sweat and tears.

Our co-op is over for the school year, and my son has had some extra time before starting his summer job. I’ve watched how he’s spent his time, and it’s made me smile. Sure, he goes off to friends’ houses to play basketball, ride his bike, or just hang out. But he’s also been playing with his little brother and spending time with his sisters. And all without any prodding from me.

Family Bonds

This is one of my biggest motivators for homeschooling: it provides opportunities to create family bonds that traditional schooling just doesn’t allow time for. Yes – sometimes the school day seems to be usurped by arguments and squabbles, and things don’t get done very efficiently. But my children have time to work through the disagreements, time to learn how to deal with other personalities, time to resolve issues, and time to reconcile with each other.

So as we push ahead towards a new school year, I’m sure there will be lots of new issues to work through. But I also know there will be lots of good times as well.

How has your family grown closer since you’ve begun homeschooling?

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