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This week, my youngest had a terrific idea: he was going to create a family newsletter. The best part of this project was that I didn’t tell him to do it; he was completely inspired on his own! And it’s become a great project for the whole family!

How to Start a Family Newsletter?

The first issue went out on Wednesday. It included articles about events that had occurred that day, a day when we didn’t have many places to go. So there was an article about the cat getting chased by the neighbor’s dog, and another about our little dog getting into the trash outside. The articles also included an announcement about my daughter’s A+ on her science test. There was a weather report, as well as contact information and pictures of the editors (my son and his sister). It was a great newsletter!

We printed out enough copies, and he ran one next door to his grandmother’s house as soon as they were ready. The next morning, he delivered the other copies to his siblings’ bedroom doors. He was so excited and can’t wait to write up the next one. Future issues will also include guest articles written by family members.

And I’m so excited, too!  Not only does this give him practice writing (and my daughter practice with her grammar as she edits the articles), but it’s a great way to record family memories that we might otherwise forget. He plans to go through the summer with it; I’m thinking we’ll go even longer. 🙂

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