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A few years ago, a friend of mine introduced us to the Western North Carolina Nature Center. It was there we discovered the white squirrels of Brevard and learned how to tell a male from a female box turtle. This was also our first visit to a butterfly garden, an enclosed area to walk through where butterflies fluttered all around and even landed on the palms of our hands. The animals are housed in natural settings, and we watched them roam and play. It was also at the Nature Center that we found out about the “family pass.”

Instead of purchasing individual tickets for each family member, we paid a little more to purchase the family pass that would provide admission for all of us throughout the entire year. The pass, however, had added benefits; with it, we also had free admission into many educational venues throughout the country. We did a lot of traveling around the southeast that year, and we saved several hundred dollars using that membership.

Many zoos and science centers are part of the same sort of reciprocal program; if you buy a membership to one, you have free or discounted access to others. To find them, just go to the website of the zoo, science center, or museum that you are interested in. Check under the link for memberships and look for the list. It might come up as an extra page, a pop-up, or a PDF file. If you have a large family, you might even spend less for your initial visit by purchasing the family membership at the start, and you’ll have admission to so many more places as well.

If your family has travel plans during the next year, or if your children really enjoy learning centers, check into buying a family pass to your local zoo or science center. It’s fun, educational, and well-worth the money!

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