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Summer is here, and while the kids are relaxing, homeschooling parents are preparing for the next school year. Classes are planned, lessons are written out, and schoolbooks are purchased. If you’re trying to save a little money on next year’s curriculum, you might consider buying used texts. There are several good sites online to find used homeschooling books online.

eBay: This is one of my favorite sites for finding homeschooling supplies at discount prices. A lot of people are looking for books during the summer months; however, if you can wait to make your purchases, hold off until mid-fall and winter for better deals. But if you have books to sell, summertime is a great time to earn that extra income. – This is the sister site to eBay that features books, movies, and music. I’ve found homeschooling books here when I can’t find them on eBay. Prices are set, so if bidding makes you nervous, check out this site. – Since Amazon is open to individual sellers, you can find used schoolbooks here as well. Ebay sellers aren’t permitted to sell teacher editions anymore, so if that’s what you need, you might find it on Amazon. – This is a message board where homeschoolers can register and post their used curriculum for free. Posts on this board are unlimited.

Yahoo Groups: There are a number of yahoo groups you can join in which members buy and sell their used homeschool curriculum. Here are a few of them:

Bob Jones Curriculum: Though the name states Bob Jones, this is a group for selling any used or new homeschool books. You can also ask for curriculum advice from other members.

Konoscurricula: This Yahoo Group was created for buying and selling books and curricula that could be used with the Konos unit studies. Topics can include nature, science, history, and crafts.

Used Homeschool Books: Another group set up for buying and selling used homeschool books, supplies, CD’s, tapes, and other resources.

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