First Businesses

My son has always been around people who own their own businesses. Entrepreneur examples are plentiful, so it is no surprise that at ten, he’s already brainstorming what kind of business he will have. when he “grows up”.

Recently I explained that most of the people whom we know with businesses have run the gamut on start up businesses. And as a rule it seems most started young.

Some examples for start up business ideas for the young:

-Lemonade Stands


-You Tube Channel


-Car Washes

-Bake Sales

-Newspaper Delivery


After asking some successful business owners for advice, a trend arose. In one form or another, their main tips to starting a business all amounted to:

-Identifying a Need

-Be creative every step of the way

-Don’t turn away from opportunities

-Make sure you know your competition

-Don’t saturate a market- be flexible with your idea -Make the business official as soon as you are able -Advertise!  Advertise!

-Be organized- keep track of your clients, send out invoices on time -Barter -Protect yourself and your business with coverage -Always keep your eye on the goal- do not become complacent -And do not be afraid to start over

Most of the business people we interviewed had failed businesses. They all agreed ultimately those experiences taught them the most.  So it’s important to not be afraid of failure. It is imperative to have a positive and go getter attitude.

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Article By Nuria Almeida

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