First Crushes

Recently my almost eleven year old confided he had a crush ( on a girl in our homeschool group.  Though he didn’t use the word crush, he said he liked her a lot which I translated to be his first crush.

First Crushes

We all know a crush can be exhilarating, wonderful, fun but can also be scary and heartbreaking. And the first one is often a tough one. I instantly got worried for him.

I can tell my son is a bit confused about what’s happening; his feelings and how to express them. He’s never had these feelings before.

I asked him what he felt and he blushed. I felt such tenderness for his heart and what it will go through in the course of his life. I listened as he told me he feels his breath doesn’t come and his stomach feels like its on a roller coaster when he sees the girl he likes. He said that he thinks everything she says is funny an he can’t wait to see her again.

I started to give him advice like to be careful, to try to get to get to know each other as friendship is a good sturdy place to start.  Or to just let his feelings ride out, as sometimes crushes come and go.

As I started to explain all this, I quickly realized I was jumping the gun. He is so young still and this is just a tender beginning. I sensed he’s not ready for anything more.  And from my part, I must really savor this time when he’s willing to confide in me because one day, when he is older and ready to approach the object of his affection, he may not even think of telling me.

So I quieted down and let him tell me all about her and how great she is; how she can catch a ball like any boy and how her long hair is shiny…

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Article by Nuria Almeida

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