Five Common Mistakes in Homeschooling

Homeschooling has been a wonderful, fruitful endeavor for our family.  After almost four years of doing it and being around other homeschoolers, we have come to understand that there are plenty of ways to homeschool successfully. However, the pitfalls seem to be the same across the line no matter your style. We have learned to avoid the following mistakes to ensure we continue to thrive:


Being a homeschooling parent is frought with high expectations- from family members, spouses, other homeschoolers, the state etc.  However, the highest, most stressful expectation probably comes from within ourselves. Clinging to perfection though will just hurt your child’s chances for success.  So just do your very best and be kind to yourself and your child. Setting unrealistic expectations is stressful for everyone.  No one is perfect.


It’s what your child understands that is important, not what he or she can recite by rote.


I have watched many a homeschooler have every aspect of his life controlled by his homeschooling parent.  From bathroom breaks, to extra-curricular activities, to clothing, to thoughts…everything is controlled, managed and analyzed. Partner with your child instead.


A homeschool curriculum is good for setting goals.  However, be flexible.  Keep an eye on your child’s reactions.  If he shows interest, enthusiasm,  and joy as you homeschool, then you are headed in the right direction.  If he is stressed, worried, bored or just plain not interested, change it up. Don’t stick with it unless its working.


Probably the number one concern most people cling to when they oppose homeschooling is the idea that children will not experience socialization. Successful homeschoolers know, without a doubt, that they must spend more time out and about socializing and fostering friendships than inside, alone with only a curriculum as company.  No man is an island.

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