Food Sculptures

I know I am not alone.  My kids, like so many others, are reliable picky eaters. Healthy good food goes to waste constantly. Recently, I found a great incentive and compromiser- art you can eat. I bought Funny Food: 365 Fun, Healthy, Silly, Creative Breakfasts ( which has helped get my kids to eat healthy meals with edible art.

Food Sculptures

This book doesn’t just encourage my kids to play with their food but to also transform said food it into works of art.

The food sculpture options in the book are fairly simple, but edible art is considered a true art form in the art world. A quick search on the internet reveals a myriad of creative and impressive food art for inspiration.

Its fun to create intricate creations and then destroy it all to eat them. After we create them, we do take a picture to remember them but that’s all that’s left, a memory since the kids have eaten every morsel of their creations.

We also started experimenting with other fruits and vegetables using a few well placed toothpicks and wooden skewers to create more elaborate creations.

Most of the books sculptures are simple and easy enough for kids to make but the nice thing is you can elaborate and build up. With clear and precise instructions, this is a book we use daily and even my son jumps into read the instructions for these project that foster creativity, bonding and fun in our little family.

Yesterday my son mused making a house out of peanut brittle, using fruit roll-ups for roofing, licorice candy pillars and gummy bear flower beds. Yes, this book has been a winner through and through.

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Article by Nuria Almeida

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