Four Must Have Magazines for the Homeschool Environment

Magazines in our house served only two purposes for many years unrelated to reading- fodder for art projects and pet bedding.  They were good only to cut out pictures out of or to shred for the long line of small caged pets.

Nowadays, it seems they are starting to be read by my son. Pages are turned slowly to peruse the articles or read the captions under the pictures. I find perpetual calmness when I witness my child reading to learn.  It is something I want to make sure our environment supports in a subtle but sure way.

With that in mind, our home finds these four magazines to be indispensable both for content and value:

-National Geographic

For all ages, this magazine may have some images you may want to supervise however, with its awesome, vibrant photography and world coverage, it is captivating.  We did subscribe to the kids version, but found it was very simplistic, even for our small child.


This colorful and jammed packed magazine features articles about science for a general audience.  Great for the curious- the inquisitive person- a broad range of science topics on medicine, space, the environment, physics and the latest in technology can be found within.  For older kids,  10 and up.

– Zoobooks

This magazines is handled so often, each page is careworn.  It features a different animal each time and when you subscribe,  you build up an incredible encyclopedia of animals over the years. For ages. 4 and up, but really great for ages  7-12.

-Sports Illustrated for Kids

My son loves sports.  This great magazine is feature inspirational stories from the world of sports, emphasize safety and dedication.  For ages 5 to 12.

Check out Amazon and Mamasource ( for great subscription deals.  Also shop for old copies at garage sales or community sites.

Article By Nuria Almeida

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