Fourth Grade Math

4 Grade Math

As your child enters his fourth-grade year, a solid foundation in math is a must. By now he should know his addition and subtraction facts, as it’s difficult to move ahead with more challenging problems until he has them memorized. He’ll continue to learn his multiplication and division facts, as well as a number of other concepts. If you are using a standard curriculum for your fourth-grader, it will probably cover concepts such as:

  • Adding and subtracting decimals through 100ths, including money to $1000
  • Adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominators
  • Multiplying two-digit numbers by two-digit numbers
  • Multiplying a multi-digit number by one number
  • Multiplication and division facts through 12
  • Using the Order of Operations with whole numbers
  • Making estimates with whole numbers or fractions
  • Using double bar graphs, circle graphs, and single-line graphs
  • Creating and solving one-step equations with whole numbers using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division
  • Understanding and using mode, median, and range
  • Understanding the differences between points, lines, line segments, and angles
  • Understanding congruent figures
  • Identifying the different types of triangles
  • Recognizing and drawing the different types of angles (right, obtuse, acute, and straight)

There are many types of math curricula to choose from, though by the fourth grade many of them are more workbook-based as opposed to using a lot of hands-on manipulatives. If the curriculum you used last year just wasn’t a good fit for your child, try out a different approach this year. One of the advantages to homeschooling is having the time to find what works. Each child is different, and what works well for your friend’s child may not work as well with your child. You may even need to use different programs with your own children; perhaps your son excels with Singapore Math, while your daughter seems to do better with Saxon. If you are planning on changing your child’s math curriculum, you might consider one of the following:

Bob Jones University Press Grade 4 math kit includes the teacher packet, the student workbook, student materials packet, tests, and the test answer key.

Horizons Math 4 is published by Alpha Omega Publications. This complete math set for fourth graders includes two colorful student workbooks, a teacher’s handbook, and 80 reproducible worksheets.

Alpha Omega Publications also produces Lifepac Math Grade 3, a curriculum set that includes ten colorful student workbooks focusing on sequencing patterns, multiplication, division, rounding, solid shapes, factors, multiples, estimation, fractions, graphs, charts, and metric units. A teacher’s guide is also available.

Math Made Easy Grade 4 Workbook by Dorling Kindersley Publishing can be used for extra practice if your child is struggling with certain math concepts. The fourth grade book provides practice in areas such as multiplication and division, rounding numbers, subtracting three-digit numbers, adding decimals, probability, time, and fractions.

Math U See Delta is a math curriculum for fourth graders with a focus on single- and multiple-digit division. It’s recommended that students working through Math U See Delta first complete the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma curricula, or have mastered addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Topics covered in this program not only include division but also perpendicular and parallel lines, area, place value to the trillions, and rounding and estimating.

Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics Level D includes a student workbook and a teacher’s guide with easy-to-use lesson plans and instructions. This simple and inexpensive curriculum focuses on basic math concepts and problem-solving skills.

Saxon Homeschool Math 5/4 is the course designed for fourth graders. Concepts covered include measurement and geometry, numerical operations, patterns, and math functions. The complete kit includes the student textbook with 120 lessons, worksheets, tests, a solutions manual, and forms for recording your child’s progress.

Shiller Math offers Kit II for students in grades 4-7. Included with this kit are four Scope and Sequence books, Lesson Books 4-6, the Fractions Concept Index, four answer keys, sixteen diagnostic tests with answers, an audio CD with 25 songs, and manipulatives.

Switched on Schoolhouse 4th Grade Math is published by Alpha Omega Publications. This multi-media curriculum is designed for the computer. Colorful lessons cover a variety of math concepts including decimals, shapes, whole numbers, fractions, factors, and multiples. Interactive math games, quizzes, and tests are also included.

The Singapore Math Primary Mathematics 4A and 4B set for homeschoolers consists of two student workbooks and two textbooks. The books can be purchased individually, as can the home educator’s guide.

Don’t forget, though, your fourth-grader still loves to have fun as he learns, and you can have fun with math as well. Search for books featuring math games at your library or look for some online to reinforce the math facts and other concepts your child is learning. Find ways to use math together every day, such as adding up food prices as you shop in the grocery store. Math can be an adventure, and once your child begins to master it, you’ll see his confidence continue to grow.

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