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Whether you are homeschooling kindergarten or 8th grade, the curriculum does not have to cost a thing.  And it can still be of quality.  Although we have our proven favorites, it does get boring and predictable (not a good combination for learning) to use the same tools over and over again.  So I like to keep up with what’s currently offered out there and I always want it to be free access.

Check out these two free curriculums to help keep things interesting and fresh!

– Head of the Class

For Pre-K to 5th Grade, Head of the Class organized by grade level and features interactive reading, math, spelling, writing, art, history, music, geography, phonics, science and foreign language activities and instructions. The Head of the Class curriculum is a consolidation of the national curriculum which features all state curriculums. The books are free!  And no special software is required to use the online program.

-Lesson Pathways

Another jewel for Pre-K to 5th Grade, Lesson Pathways is unit based study and provides an online planner that allows the parent to create an individualized custom curriculum and assignments. Lesson Pathways helps parents create their own curriculum, for example, a week long unit to one student, or a 36-week learning plan on a core subject. You do have to register, but can sign in with a Facebook account. It’s also available for classrooms, for those in homeschool co-ops.

Both of these free sites are spam free, the cherry on top.

Article By Nuria Almeida

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