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Sometimes you can hit a rut. It happens.  Activities you do regularly can become boring.  Homeschooling is entrenched in routine for us and so sometimes it’s good to shake things up. I like to do that sometimes by bringing up a fun cool site we have never explored before on the laptop. It helps if I know a little about the site first so I can help my kids navigate it – nothing kills fun and spontaneity more than having to stop to read directions.  Here are some of great and interesting sites to try:

Culture for kids

Help your child connect to the world at large through games, museum programs and activities, increasing their knowledge and understanding of the different ways people live.


Cool Kids Cooking Games

An extension of a cooking show for kids, this site offers games, recipes, videos, funny food stuff and a great fan area.  Kids can submit their own healthy recipes to share.


Global Warming Education

This site is chuck full of information on global warming and weather. Very scientific, it’s fun to replicate some of the experiments.


Free Digital Photography Tutorial

My son likes photography so these photo tutorials are very informative and fun for him.  It’s a great site to get inspiration for photo projects from and to learn how to do it right.



This kid friendly search engine keeps things safe. We set it up as our home page in the laptop my son uses to ensure an impromptu online search does not bring up any adult sites.  It’s a relief to let him do a search without having to look over his shoulder.

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