Funding Homeschooling

In a recent web group discussion, homeschooling parents were discussing the cost of education. The discussion took a turn when one  post pointed out that Connections Academy (the online public school option) receives approximately $8,000 per student from each of the states it is available in. Another homeschooling mom posted that in NY, public schools receive $17,500 per student.  It’s shocking really, to see so much money is being spent on a far less than mediocre system.

At the sight of these figures, I allowed myself to full out daydream. What would I provide for my children with all that money!?

Various annual trips to faraway lands they have been dreaming about, plenty of learning gadgets and toys, super fast computer system with awesome gaming capability, sports events, shows, weekly field trips, books, books, books, e-reader with lots of downloading gift cards, fund lots of group events, lessons, classes, memberships, lots of extracurricular activities…oh boy,let me stop.

With one income, we have to be pretty creative about funding our homeschooling and my son takes a big part in that. Eventually, so will my daughter . Every year, we have a couple of garage sales. We also sell individual items we don’t use anymore on craigslist. We cut out and use coupons for our purchases and put aside the money we save. Recently, my son found a gold hoop earring in the park and I helped him sell it to a gold dealer. We have also done odd jobs including babysitting, yard work and cleaning to earn money.

All of these are great learning experiences for my son as well. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to fund something that brings our family so much peace and joy.

Article By Nuria Almeida

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