Geography Curriculum

In our homeschooling journey, geography has always ended up with the short end of the stick. Other subjects get first dibs for some reason. There are a lot of geography curriculum programs that not only guide us through geography, but have a strong tie into history, math, art, and science.

Geography Curriculum

A favorite of ours is Mapping the World With Art.  My 11 year old really enjoys it. It is advertised for grades 5 and up but I started using it when he was in 4th. It includes thirty history lessons, thirty map drawing lessons, and 100+ pages of games, crafts, recipes, internet resources etc.

Mapping the World With Art ( has these history lessons which have a parallel focus on math and science. Then the map drawing lessons are very much like art lessons including tips to remember country shapes.

There is much on the internet to help supplement your child’s curriculum but I have found  other geography lesson resources which are worth the small price to check out:

-Little Passports ( your child receives a package every month with an adventure letter, souvenirs, activities and access to their online Boarding Zone full of games and activities. This is a prepackaged fun program is also an interactive online tool that does all the prep work for you.

-National Geographic Beginners World Atlas ( ) is a treasure that will be used again and again every year no matter the age.

-LizardPoint ( is an online interactive site that offers online geography quizzes. It’s fast and age appropriate. A good supplement for your curriculum.

LearningGamesForKids ( has some simple online geography games for various ages.

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