Geography Games

Geography Games

This year, my oldest son has been taking a geography class at our co-op. His teacher recommended the website to the students; the geography games are not only fun, but they are also very helpful when trying to learn the location and names of the countries and their capitals. My son has been using the site this semester and finding success with his map tests. But this site offers so much more for anyone with school-age children.

If you have little ones, there’s a preschool section that features the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors. You’ll find online coloring pages in the “Paint and Make” section, which includes animals and plants that you can click on to add to the painting. They can also create their own “Animal Forest” by clicking and placing forest wildlife on the page. These are even animated, moving their heads and eyes and making sounds. The “Seasons” section also includes coloring pages with animated animals and flowers.

Older children will find plenty to do on this site, too. The animal section includes games for classifying animals, as well as pages full of interesting information. Other science games focus on learning about the solar system and memorizing the periodic table. You’ll also find activities for health and fitness, math, vocabulary (including SAT and GRE vocabulary words), and grammar.

As I mentioned, my son has visited this site for help with geography. In this section, there are games to help your student memorize the states in the United States, the capital cities, the rivers, the lakes, and the landscape. Under the “World” section, he practices learning the location of the countries on each continent, as well as their capital cities. The rivers and oceans are also included.

If you’re looking for a good study or review site, or just a fun game site for the little ones, give a try. I’m convinced you’ll find something there for everyone.

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