Geography with Postcards

Here’s an activity you can do with children of any age. It’s fun, educational, and it helps build relationships!

With your child, make a list of all of your relatives and family friends who live in other cities or out-of-state. Write down their addresses on a piece of paper.

Show your child how to write a friendly letter, and instruct him to write a letter to each person on the list. In the letter, have him explain that he’s doing a geography project. Would they please send him a postcard representing their city or state? If they have time, could they also contact some of their long-distance friends (by mail, phone, or email) to do the same.

Next, show your child how to address an envelope. Have him address all the envelopes, stamp them, and place them in the mailbox.

Now for the fun! Find or print out a U.S. Map and post it on the wall. As the postcards come in, find the cities (or nearest city) and mark them on the map.

You might also want to:

  • Calculate the distances the postcards have traveled.
  • Find out about the cities or states the postcards came from. How big are they? What is the weather like? What interesting things can a visitor see or do?
  • Gather information about the subject pictured on the postcard. Is it a Florida alligator? Find some books in the library about alligators. Is it the state flag of Texas? Do some research to discover the meaning of the symbols on the flag.
  • Create a display for the postcards, either on the wall or in a scrapbook. You can make a copy of the back of the postcard (the side that contains the message) and glue it down beside the picture. Or, you might choose to use clear page protectors to hold the postcards so you can view both sides.

This is a great project for springtime, summertime, school time, free time — any time!

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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