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Just like a teacher in a traditional school, a homeschooling parent often has a lot paperwork to keep up with, including lesson plans, evaluations, and record-keeping. I’m not always the most organized person, so for me this has sometimes been quite a challenge. As with any job, however, it helps if you have the right tools, and for me, is one of them.

I just discovered this spring when my sister and I were discussing transcripts for our older children. It’s an online site for any educator who needs a better way of recording grades and tracking progress. It works for the individual homeschooler as well as classroom teachers; you just use as few or as many of its many features that you need. is an online gradebook for recording your student’s grades and averaging their final score. But there’s so much more. You can also print reports, create flashcards and multiple-choice quizzes, and record attendance.

And, for those who teach co-op classes, there are even more features. You can create accounts for your students so they can check their own grades at any time. You can send messages to your students through their Engrade account, and they can send a message back. Students can also upload their assignments so you can grade them quickly online.

Keeping records has been so easy since I set up an account with Engrade. Not only do I keep records of my own children’s work there, but I have records of my co-op classes as well. Of course, I’ll need to back them up in case something happens to the account (this is a strong possibility, based on my history with computers and technology), but it’s a great tool to get started with.

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  1. Not much info out there for homeschoolers to set up and use ENGRADE effectively. I think we are going to just have to experiment until we get it to work well for us.

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