Great Science Experiments

Nothing says homeschooling by the seat of our pants like throwing out all the plans for the day or week to concentrate completely on experiments.  My son wanted to know what it would feel like to be a real scientist, so to the best of our ability, we created a lab, got him a lab coat (white dress men’s shirt)and after we made an ID, and draped a stethoscope around his neck (for effect only- since nothing living would be experimented on) he was set!

I got our supplies from the dollar store over the weekend to be prepared. Every experiment required the prepping of these ingredients, the recording of the hypotheses and methods (he used my phone voice recorder for this).

Once he was ready, his assistants (his little sister and I) helped him complete each experiment. He was focused and totally dove into his character.

We had a blast!  Our favorite experiment was ‘Get the Egg in the Bottle’. It had the element of impossibility, required the use of fire and could be performed over and over (a dozen eggs at his disposal).


* hard boiled egg (NO SHELL)

* glass bottle with an opening that the egg will not slip into

* matches

* paper

1. Demonstrate that the egg will not fit into the bottle.

2. Light the match and drop into the bottle

3. QUICKLY place the egg on top of the bottle and watch the egg get pushed inside the bottle.

Alternative:light a small piece of paper on fire and drop into bottle.

Check out this link for other fun science experiments:

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