Growing Up

Today I read an article that announced a recent survey revealed more than half of American parents are still supporting their adult children. Yikes!  It started to get me thinking about the need to ensure that our children learn to grow up to be functioning adults who contribute to society and community.

The first thing I know it is imperative to have is an appreciation and a love of learning and passion and zest for life. Children are born with this. As parents, we need to ensure this is nurtured, not damaged or obliterated.

Second for us is ensuring the children have basic practical life skills.  This includes budgeting, taking care of yourself, changing a tire, driving responsively, how to swim, doing laundry, cooking, basic sewing, basic carpentry, basic maintenance of home and car and many more.

And third, basic philosophical life lessons. For our family, this includes leading with kindness and compassion, smiling brightens up anyone’s mood, listening without judgement, being polite shows you care, focusing on the moment and being present, not wasting time wishing for things you don’t have, appreciating what you do have, it’s ok to be wrong, apologizing gracefully, losing with dignity, and that the journey is the most important part, among others.

Notice I didn’t include a good education or good grades.  Well, I think too much emphasis is placed on these and not enough on what will really carry our children forth, joyfully into what we hope will be a fulfilling future.

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