Help With Homeschooling

Help With Homeschooling
We’re about to start our thirteenth year of homeschooling with two in high school, one in middle school, and one in elementary. And while it would be nice to take all the credit as their primary educator, I have to confess – I have had lots of help with homeschooling.
Play Groups and Field Trips
Even when my children we small, help was there. My friend and I started a playgroup and met once a week for two to three hours, sometimes at someone’s home, sometimes at a playground, sometimes for a party. As the children grew a little older, the play dates turned into field trips. We took tours of the bakery, pizza shop, library, post office, print shop, doughnut shop, fire station, grocery store, and pet store. We visited the zoo and the state parks. We went strawberry picking, apple picking, and pumpkin picking. And in between field trips we continued to meet at different homes to do science experiments or art projects.
We also got involved in a local 4-H group. One of the parents loved gardening, so one summer the children worked on a master gardeners program. Another friend taught sewing, and we did woodworking and farm projects as well.
Then we tried a couple of different co-ops, and this year marks our fifth year in the same co-op. While my youngest participates in enrichment classes, the older ones take more academic courses. All of them participate in P.E., and everyone has an art class. It’s been so good for all the kids, and so good for me, too. The encouragement and support from other moms in the same situation has been priceless.
Finding Help
Are you beginning to feel a little overwhelmed? Do you feel like you’re struggling just to get through the work some days? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Look for co-ops or homeschooling organizations in your area. Some groups may meet just for activity and park days, some may conduct classes, and some may just meet to encourage the moms. Ask other homeschoolers you know to find out what’s available.
There’s also help online. Yahoo groups and homeschooling forums can provide help as well. Here are just a few:

Yahoo Groups
Where have you been able to connect with other homeschooling families?
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