High School Exit Exams

If you have a homeschooler teen,chances are you are thinking ahead about “graduation”.  If you are, you are in luck.  Nowadays, 26 states currently offer a high school exit exam.

High School Exit Exams

The exit exam varies from state to state in content; each state also has individual do-over requirements for those students  who do not pass. As a homeschooler, this makes a difference since we do not want our kids transcripts to be marred. Currently, 16 states require the test scores appear on transcripts.

The exit exams are a way for public schools and homeschool families to make sure the students education is adequate.

In public school, the exam is first given in 10th grade to identify students who need academic help.  High School exit exams include reading, writing and math.

The tests are said to have become more rigorous in these last couple of years.

If the student doesn’t pass the test initially, there are usually remedial help in the public school setting and opportunities to take the test over. As a homeschooler, this just means continuing to get ready with a little more focus.

Since one of the goals of the test is to bridge the gap between high school and college, it can really assist in determining if your teen is up to speed.

In Texas, the self-grading high school exam (www.tea.state.tx.us) that can be taken online for free can be used over and over to gauge your teen’s academic level. It is a helpful tool to get an idea of where your teen is academically, where he or she may need some tightening up.

Check your state education page for information.

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