Highlights Hidden Pictures Online

Highlights Hidden Pictures Online

If you’ve ever had to wait in a doctor’s or dentist’s office, you’ve probably seen a copy of Highlights Magazine for Children. Perhaps you have a subscription and receive it in the mail. Either way, you’re familiar with the hidden picture puzzles. These were always my favorite growing up, and my children really enjoy them too.

Did you know Highlights has made even more of these fun puzzles available online at www.highlightskid.com? I go to their site often to search through them – each puzzle is identified by thumbnail image, title, and illustrator. Simply go to the site, search under “Games and Giggles,” click on the puzzles, and print them out. I print them often, and I use them for:

• “schoolwork” for my youngest while I’m helping the others with their work,

• a reward for my eight-year-old when she’s completed her schoolwork,

• something to do in the car on long trips,

• and quiet work for my younger children as during a church service.

If your children like to play on the computer (mine really do, even though we try to limit their computer time to one day a week), you can also try the hidden picture online game. My youngest loves playing this game, as each of the objects becomes animated when you find them. When all of the objects have been found, the whole picture is colored in.

Besides being a fun activity, hidden picture puzzles can also inspire creativity in your child. After working at a couple of puzzles, my children started creating their own. First they drew the picture. Then they hide objects within the picture, making a list of the hidden objects at the bottom of the page. Even my five-year-old has had fun hiding letters for me to find in his drawings. And, I must admit, I enjoy the search for hidden objects too.

By Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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