Holiday Writing Activities


Around the holidays, it’s often hard to get students (and sometimes the teacher!) motivated to do schoolwork. Providing your children with creative holiday writing assignments is a way to keep them learning with an enjoyable activity. Here are some holiday writing ideas to get you started:

  1. Write a newspaper article describing the time Santa didn’t make it around the world on Christmas Eve. Why was he delayed? Did he have a terrible cold? Did his reindeer become confused by the satellites and cell phone towers? Did Santa have a GPS that led him in the wrong direction? What were the reactions of the children on Christmas morning?
  2. Write a letter to Santa from a disgruntled elf who wants to quit or change his job. Why is he unhappy working in the toyshop? What would he rather be doing? Is he considering relocating further south? Does he want to be a fireman, an actor, a baker, or a pet store owner?
  3. Imagine what the holidays will be like twenty years from now. What type of items will people be giving as gifts? What will be the latest fad in toys or electronics? How will people shop — will they shop by computer, or will they go to the store in hover cars? Will they still be giving to people in need? How will they help them?
  4. If a small space alien visited your house unnoticed during the holidays, what would he find? Describe his visit as a journal entry from his point of view. Are there any sights, smells, or sounds that are strange to him? What do they remind him of? Does he want to join you or continue his journey to another planet?
  5. Before beginning this assignment, choose 30 random words from a book or dictionary. Write each word on a separate slip of paper and place them in a bag, bowl, or hat. Then, without looking, pick out 15 of the words. Write a fictional holiday story using all 15 words.

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