Homeschool Bibliophilia

Bibliophilia or bibliophilism is the love of books. We are most definitely bibliophiles or people who love books.

Homeschool Bibliophilia

I daresay we have at least five hundred books of our own at home, with hundreds more donated and dozens temporarily entering our home from the library weekly.

Since we homeschool, books are essential. We use books to learn, entertain ourselves, crafts and for reference.  My two year old used a few unfortunates to make art the other day.

We are an all opportunity type of bibliophiles. We turn no books away.  Our collection runs the gamut. If you look through you will find anything from picture books to graphic novels.  Classics, poetry, art, architecture, design, mystery, adventure, fantasy, romance etc. We do not discriminate against writers. Anything goes.

One of the favorite days each week is going to the library. At least it is for my toddler.  My tween has recently found e- readers and the ease of downloading books instantly without moving a muscle. Sometimes he decides not to join us at the library.  I can understand.  I still like the feel of a book in my hands.  And so far my little one does too.

Since we love books so much, homeschool has taken us on an adventure as to how books are made. We have discussed the first books to have been made and how without copiers reproduction was painstakingly slow.  We have commented on how books smell.

Books have ensured a certain type if connection in our family.  Being bibliophiles has  helped our family to bond and share our thoughts on what we read and learn.

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