Homeschool Conferences are Important

We can get so much information online nowadays, it feels like everything we need to know is at our finger tips. It may feel superfluous to attend conference or events for homeschooling, especially if traveling is involved. There are still very good reasons to attend and the benefits are numerous. Here are some:


Talk about choices! Curriculum on every major subject are showcased at these events and you have the freedom to examine products before purchasing. Yes, homeschool information on the internet is plentiful, however its time consuming to try to find the good stuff. Trial and error can get expensive! You can customize what works for your child by paying attention to curriculum demonstrations and product displays.


Even though you may be part of a local homeschool group, conferences provide an opportunity to meet homeschooling parents from around the country and share support and ideas.


These events have knowledgeable speakers who can impart the value of their personal experiences and provide new ideas for becoming a better homeschooling parent. Practical “how-to” workshops and up-to-date information on current legal issues in your state.


These conferences provide an opportunity to get your spouse or partner involved.  Your spouse can gather information, talk to other spouses who work outside the home, learn more about homeschooling, and gain new appreciation for the homeschooling parents responsibilities.

There are plenty of conferences in almost all the states, so traveling far is not truly necessary. For traditional homeschooling conferences around the country click here and for alternative homeschooling conferences, visit here.

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