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Years ago, when my sister began homeschooling, Bob Jones University offered a week-long homeschooling conference for interested parents. The conference included classes for those just beginning as well as veteran homeschoolers. Those coming from out-of-town could also bring their children along for day camp programs hosted by the university. Not only did parents learn tips and techniques, but they were able to meet and connect with other homeschooling families for ideas, encouragement, and support.

Although Bob Jones University doesn’t host the conference any more, there are still homeschooling conventions offered in various locations around the country. The cost for the classes is usually minimal, and often a vendor’s area will be open where you can peruse and purchase the latest curriculum. If you’re interested in attending a conference, check out these websites:

Great Homeschool Conventions, Inc. ( is offering four homeschool conventions next year in the Southeast (Greenville, South Carolina), Midsouth (Memphis, Tennessee), Midwest (Cincinnati, Ohio), and Northeast (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). Visit their website to view the list of speakers and exhibitors and to register for the event. A World View Teen Track is also included.

A to Z Home’s Cool ( – This website contains updated information on conferences organized by region. To find the page quickly, just type in “Conferences” in the Google bar and then click on the “Calendar of Events” link.

The Old School House Magazine has a current listing of conventions as well. Just find your state and click on the link to see the conferences near you. (

Can’t get away for the weekend, or even a day? Try the Heart of the Matter Online Conference ( – This conference happens once a year in real time with live sessions,  but it’s also recorded if you need to listen later. It includes a special question and answer sessions with the presenters. All you need to attend is a computer with Internet connection and speakers!

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