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If you are looking into new curriculum for the new year, take a few minutes to visit the site Developed by a group of home educators, the mission of this site is to discuss favorite curricula and homeschooling methods. Because a number of homeschooling parents contribute to the site, different philosophies are represented, and most likely, you’ll find a writer there that shares your particular views. They review only the books and resources they use and enjoy, so you’ll have a good idea of what might work well for you, too.

The site is clean and easy to navigate. Under the link entitled “Curriculum Reviews,” you’ll find more links for each major subject, such as science, math, history, geography, and language arts. You’ll find art, music, writing, and foreign language curriculum reviews, as well as reviews for lapbooks, living books, high school electives, preschool, hands-on activities, and more.

The site also offers articles for parents new to homeschooling. You’ll find helpful information covering topics such as homeschooling philosophies and socialization.  Another article entitled “What Kind of Homeschooler Are You?” can help you figure out just what your homeschooling philosophy is. Once you’ve determined that, you can search under the “Authors” link for reviewers with similar thoughts.

Because this site is actually a blog, new reviews are constantly being added. You can subscribe to the blog and receive the updates in your email box. The site even offers a toolbar that you can download, called the Homeschool Gadget Toolbar, which gives you instant access to 100 homeschooling sites and blogs, as well as homeschooling communities and forums.

So as you re-think your current school-year needs or look ahead to next year, check out The Curriculum Choice. While this site reviews homeschooling resources, it’s really a great resource in itself.

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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  1. Thanks for the resource! I’m beyond the stage of looking for curriculum myself, but I get lots of questions from young moms needing advice and recommendations.

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