Homeschool Curriculum Decisions

Homeschool curriculum decisions

We do not follow a traditional school calendar at home.  Since we actually started school in January, we are now scheduled to complete our first school year within the next month. We’ve had a great year. Our current books have served us quite well:  My child has successfully learned to read, add and subtract (and more).  But with a new year approaching I can’t help but wonder if a different route would serve him better.

What are my options for Homeschool Curriculum?

So, I’ve been looking around. And I’ve found the possibilities to be endless (and thus, quite overwhelming)!  Our family factors in cost which narrows down the field quite a bit. Still, there are many options out there for my rising first grader.

How do we choose?

I’ve considered trying out a more hands-on math (ours requires a bit of book work, most of which we’ve moved to a board for my son’s short attention span). I might even look into a more hands on science too.  And then there’s handwriting…even though my son has beautiful handwriting, he absolutely loathes writing. I’m sure someone has taken that, and more, into account.

Please help!

It seems there is a curriculum for just about every need.  But how do I find what is right for my child? The thought of picking the ‘right’ curriculum that will help mold my child’s mind is a heavy burden.  Take that, and add on having our new books handy within a month or two…what a big load parents have to carry!

How did you choose curriculum for you child/children? Do you use a ‘one stop shop’ or a different path for every subject?

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