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Sometimes it’s hard to recall what life was like before the internet. I remember when we were given a used 486 computer about 11 years ago and started out with dial-up service. Everything was so new then, but today, we can access information from around the world with just a few clicks of the mouse. And this is great news for homeschoolers.

Not only can you find and purchase your curriculum on the internet, but you can find articles, worksheets, lesson plans, and extra help for your children online as well. Here are some quality sites you may want to check out:

homeschool helper – This is a really good site for any family who’s doing unit studies. Homeschool Helper is set up so homeschoolers can help each other by sharing ideas, lesson plans, worksheets, and coloring pages — all for free. You’ll also find information to use for lapbooking, as well as free templates for your lapbooks. Forms and charts for record keeping and household management are also available as free printables.

Let's Homeschool – This is another site created by homeschooling parents for other parents. Here you’ll find all kinds of information about homeschooling, from articles on field trips, homeschool laws, and teaching methods to tips on scheduling, record keeping, and lesson planning. An entire section is devoted to new homeschoolers, including advice on why to homeschool and how to get started. You’ll also find help on homeschooling your special needs child, as well as curriculum suggestions and reviews.

The Homeschool Mom – This site is full of articles about a variety of subjects, such as teaching reading, budget homeschooling, and activities for teens. If you peruse the article section looking for a particular topic, chances are you’ll find several more that apply to your family. You’ll also find links for used curriculum sources, product reviews, college resources, and much, much more.

There is so much information available to the homeschooling parent today — and all with just a few strokes of the keys!

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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