Homeschool Holidays

Since we began homeschooling, our family holiday traditions have deepened or expanded. we spend so much time together, we feel like time is not as pressing. Because of this, our  family bonding is constant and uninterrupted.

Homeschool Holidays

Homeschool Holidays

Though we keep our holiday celebrations simple they are still fun and memorable. We do projects together or desperately, and we incorporate
art, history and culture throughout.

As we decorate for the holidays we use holiday symbols from different cultures and religions. We also treat ourselves to traditional food from the around the world during the holidays.

This year, we decided to research traditional holiday attire for other cultures, time periods and religions. After we researched we visited some local thrift stores to look for separate pieces we can utilize to create costumes to wear.

Its a great time to also read stories, poems and sing songs from your own ancestry. We also watch documentaries on Netflix on holiday celebrations.

We try to start early enough in the season, we make homemade gifts to give to not just family members but friendly neighbors and close family friends.

We also discuss that the gift of time is sometimes the best thing to give to someone.  This year, we donated a lot of time to a local animal rescue and to park clean up.

Overall, our holiday traditions blend easily with our everyday activities and homeschooling continues, though surreptitiously. It is an evolving thing in the sense that every year our traditions grow and we do not cling to any particular thing.  We only just do what gives us peace, makes us feel productive and peaceful.

Article by Nuria Almeida

Photo by gobucks2

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