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Physical Education

We know it’s important for our children to get enough exercise, but how do we work physical education into our homeschooling day? Even though you may not have a daily class time for P.E., there are other ways to fit it into your child’s schedule.

Check with your local YMCA to see if they have homeschool classes available. Our YMCA offers exercise classes once or twice a week for a small fee.

The YMCA also offers sports programs throughout the school year. You can sign your child up for soccer, flag football, or other sports teams.

If you are part of a homeschooling co-op, check to see if a P.E. class is available during the up-coming school year. These classes are often divided into age groups, making it fun for all involved.

If you know someone who is interested in teaching a class, you can create your own P.E. course with other homeschoolers you know. We started one about three years ago with a coach who agreed to teach the class. We meet twice a week for an hour each time, and the coach plans and directs the activities for a small fee. If a coach isn’t available, a parent might want to lead the group.

Ask about established homeschool sports teams in your area. You can sometimes find homeschool swim teams, baseball teams, or football teams if there’s enough interest.

Check with local churches for baseball, softball, or basketball teams that your child could join.

Start a running club with other homeschoolers interested in track. Meet once a week to warm up and run together.

Plan a field day with friends. Invite them to participate in races and other activities. You might even offer ribbons or small prizes to the winners.

Keep watching for sports camp opportunities, especially in the summer. Many colleges and churches offer basketball, baseball, tennis, or soccer camps.

Don’t forget the other ways to incorporate physical exercise in your school days: bike riding, walking, hiking, roller skating, jump roping… there are so many possibilities!

Guest Blogger: Samantha Bell

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