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Homeschool World Maps

If you like to combine a study of geography along with your history lessons, you might be searching for some good printable maps for your children to label or study. The Internet is a valuable resource for finding such maps. Here are a few sites that not only have a variety of maps available, but they’re also easy to use:

Printable World Map

It  offers its visitors over 150 maps that they can download and print for free. You’ll find maps of the continents, countries, and states. There are maps that are labeled and others that are blank. Sometimes the maps you print from the web are small in size, but the maps on this site are presented as PDF downloads, and they fill up a page nicely. While all the individual downloads are free, you can purchase a collection of maps for just $9.00.

Free Printable Maps

It is actually a blog where the author offers many types of black line maps for free. The best way to print these maps is to click on the map to enlarge it, then save it to your computer and print it out from there.

Enchanted Learning

It has a number of printable maps in the Geography section of the website. Not only will you find maps to label, but you’ll also find pages for labeling compass directions, landforms, and the flags of various countries. While Enchanted Learning does offer many of these maps for free, for only $20.00 a year you can have access to all of their printables online.

Donna Young

It is a site that contains hundreds of free printables for homeschoolers, including maps. Search for the maps under the History section of the site. You’ll find printables of many of the continents, as well as maps for labeling the fifty states.

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