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Homeschooling BooksWith December and the colder weather now upon us, I’ve begun thinking about the seasonal stories my children will enjoy. Below are a few of our favorite wintertime picture books:

Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming has been on our must-read list every year. With this simple book, young children learn that some animals hibernate through the winter. One by one, the animals tell each other that it’s time to sleep. We made it even more fun by cutting holes into a box and finding corresponding stuffed animals (such as Beanie Babies); when it was time for each animal to go to bed, a child would tuck that stuffed animal through the hole in the box.

The Snowy Day, written and illustrated by Ezra Jack Keats, is a classic every young child enjoys. The main character awakens one morning to find snow covering the ground. Children follow along with the fun as he creates snow angels, makes footprints, and tries to save a snowball for another time.

It’s Winter by Linda Glaser is a companion book to the other seasonal picture books by the same author. In this book, readers follow a young girl as she enjoys the wonders of winter. The illustrations, created by Susan Swan, were done with cut paper and are filled with images young children will enjoy looking at. The book even includes a section featuring things to do during the winter.

Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft and Richard G. Van Gelder is another book for your younger students. Illustrated by Helen K. Davie, this non-fiction book tells how different animals prepare for the winter: some hibernate, some migrate, some gather food and store it, while some don’t prepare at all. This book also includes some easy ways to help animals in the winter.

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  1. Good suggestions all. We live in a country where snow is rarer than hen’s teeth but still the impression given about Xmas is snow an cold. This type of book helps kids lots to appreciate how winter is in other places.

  2. One Wintry Night by Ruth Graham is one of my kids’ favorites as well as a Christmas tradition in our home. In southern Louisiana we just read books about snow, since we have much of the real thing!

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