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homeschool yearbooksThe other day, as we were moving books around from one room to the other, we came upon a couple of boxes of yearbooks — some mine, some my husband’s — from college, high school, middle school, even elementary school!  My children had a fun time looking through them, finding our old photos and looking at others who were in the same class.

Fortunately, we’ve been able to participate in a homeschool yearbook for the past five years. A group of homeschooling moms put it together each year; one of the moms is a photographer and takes all the photos; another mom collects the pre-orders; several moms lay out the pictures, and as many as will raise advertising revenue from local businesses to help off-set the cost.

After my children finished with my old yearbooks, they began thumbing through their own. Besides the class photos, their books also include a lot of extra pictures that parents send in featuring field trips, clubs, vacations, holidays, special family times, and more. I usually send in some extra photos every year, so they had fun searching for themselves in those pages as well.

If your local homeschooling community doesn’t have a yearbook yet, perhaps you can help start one. While the first one our family was part of was laid out by hand, the books can now be done digitally on the computer. Below are a few companies that feature do-it-yourself yearbooks: – Started by a homeschooling father, this company offers four easy plans for creating your yearbook, either in color or black and white. – With this print-on-demand company, you can create all kinds of photo memory books, including yearbooks – Often recognized as a company that sells class rings, Jostens also sells yearbooks that you can put together online.

For those involved in its creation, a yearbook is certainly a lot of work. But it’s a project that not only chronicles the school years, but also the memories made along the way.

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