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currclick.comE-Books, or electronic books, are becoming more and more popular each year. An e-book can be downloaded instantly after purchase to your own computer and then read or printed as desired. Because there isn’t any paper, ink, or binding involved in the production of e-books, they are usually less expensive than the same book in print. While this is good news for the thrifty homeschooler, even better news is that you can find curriculum in e-book form as well. One company that sells this type of curriculum is was actually started by two homeschooling moms who wanted to find a way to make homeschooling easier and more affordable for parents around the world. The site features curriculum from many different publishers, including 1st Step, A Journey Through Learning, Amanda Bennett Unit Studies, Connect the Thoughts, Critical Thinking Press, Brandenburg Studies, Hands of a Child, Lessons Worth Learning, LightHome Publications, Westvon Publishing, Knowledge Box Central, Scholastic Teaching Resources, and more.

You can browse the site by publisher, subject, grade level, price, or product type. Though you’re not allowed to copy your downloads for someone else, all of the books and workbooks can be saved to your home computers and printed for your use as many times as necessary.

The costs of the e-books are usually 30% – 50% less than that of regular schoolbooks, with some books discounted even more. You’ll also find a link for free items covering a variety of topics. But that’s not all. The site also offers other electronic goods such as live online classes and a homeschooling magazine.

So as you’re planning the rest of your school year, take a moment to visit You might find just what you’ve been looking for — for less!

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