Homeschooling Green

Go to any homeschooling event, play group, class and co-op and you will see tons of worksheets, curriculums, books, textbooks and workbooks. It’s not an exaggeration- we homeschoolers tend to amass lots of paper.

There are plenty of ways for homeschooling families to be eco-conscious by reducing their footprint on the planet. Using less paper and making use of technology to replace worksheets, books etc is one way. Here are some others:


-Earth friendly transportation-Needless driving translates to more harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Walk, use public transportation, car pool and bike ride more often for less pollution.


-Earth friendly school supplies- Avoid new school supplies whenever possible as most are made with ingredients that pack a mean punch on the environment. Instead truly access how much you really need and find what can be reused or splurge on earth friendly supplies like soy crayons, beeswax modeling materials and post consumer recycled paper.


-Eat In – Avoid expensive heavily processed and packaged food products. Cook from scratch and grow your veggies and herbs, simultaneously modeling self-sustaining practices to your children.


-Recycle and Repurpose- From  using scrap paper to using items creatively to accomplish what you need, every little bit makes a big impact.


-Second Hand is Just as Good– Whenever possible, buy supplies and curriculums second hand. There are many local and national swap sites ( and forums  (  online where homeschooling families can discuss ideas, buy, trade, or sell books, curriculum sets, games, computer games, learning tools and gadgets, among others.

Article By Nuria Almeida

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