Homeschooling: How much is too much?

How many subjects are too many? ..An overachieving homeschooling mom’s dilemma..

I know my kid gets one-on-one attention (okay, minus the times I have to re-direct the crawling  baby, which we all know is a lot).  But still, I as a homeschooling mom often wonder if what we’re doing is enough.  I doubt myself and try to evaluate if maybe my child would better learn in a more traditional school setting.

The basics

Thanks to some really solid curriculum, I have got math covered.  Language arts is great too.  Little man even writes in a journal every day and does an extra vocabulary/spelling for fun (yes, I said it…fun).  School is fun, right?  Anyway, he is good in those really important subjects/departments.

Oh, the subjects

But those other subjects make me worry…is he learning enough science?  Does he know his Pledge of Allegiance?  Habla Espanol?  And so I researched the best add-ons and supplements, foreign language workbooks, etc.  And that’s how we gradually ended up with 9 different books for my elementary child to work in.  That’s right…9.  This may sound a bit out of this world, however, he only completes one or two pages daily in each book. So, these 9 books take him a total of 2 hours, max.  But even so, I sometimes want to yell at myself when the guilt sets in (and it often does).  Is my poor child overextended?

The nitty gritty

Its easy to say yes, that my child is doing way to much school.  But then I look at him.  I listen to him.  I help him.  And I realize that no, my child is just fine.  He still has most of the day to frolic around the house like a wild thing and play or read, or whatever strikes his fancy (minus the times I force him to clean his room and help with our little crawler).  Plus, he’s a boy.  And he’s a hyperactive boy.  And hyperactive boys do really well with structure.  He knows exactly what is to be done daily, and for the most part, he does it (with minimal complaining; and he usually devotes his complaints to math).

The real problem

So, when I take a moment to reflect and look inward, I think the real problem here is not the book count, not the child, not even the public school.  The problem here is me.  And I have to simply stop comparing my child to other children—homeschooled or not.  Bottom line:  We as parents have to do what’s best for our child/children.  And I’m doing what’s best for mine.

Everyone needs to ask themselves individually, Homeschooling: How much is too much?

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