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A couple of weeks ago, an acquaintance introduced me to the site  If you love books (as most homeschoolers do), this is a site for you.

At Paperback Swap, you can trade your unwanted books, both paperback and hardcover, for others that you’re looking for — and it’s free! Here’s how the site works:

After signing up, list the books that you no longer need and don’t want to keep anymore. By listing them, you’re confirming that they are in good condition, with no torn out pages, highlighting, etc. The covers should be intact, although hardcovers don’t need a dust jacket.

Then you wait. When another user of the site wants one of your books, he or she puts in a request for it. When you receive the request, you ship the book to the other user; you pay for shipping via media mail, the least-expensive rate. Once the other user has picked up the book, you receive one credit, with which you may choose any other book on the site. Once you choose a book, the owner will then send it at no cost to you.

Because it might be a little while before someone chooses one of your books, the site offers an incentive for posting books right away: After you post your first ten books, you receive two free book credits, even before any of your books have been requested. So as soon as you post those first ten, you can choose any two books from among the thousands listed on the site.

We have stacks of books around our house that no one is reading anymore. I’ve tried selling some of them on eBay. Others I’ve taken to Goodwill and the Salvation Army, or I’ve given them to friends. We’ve thought of taking some to a used bookstore and trading them in for store credit, but for now, we’re giving Paperback Swap a try. The time involved is minimal, I don’t have travel anywhere, we’re giving books we don’t need to someone who can use them, and we’re receiving great books in return.

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