Homeschooling Thru High School

As a homeschooling mother, I find myself wearing many hats. As kids get older, I am less of a teacher and more of a guide. If the goal is to home school all the way through high school, it seems a prepared parent is the most successful. Getting kids through high school is more about planning than knowing the intricacies of geometry.

Once your child completes 8th grade, it is important to write out a plan for the next four years. This should include required academics and testing time lines, extra-curricular activities, and goals. Keep in mind though you may have been imagining a college graduation in your child’s future, he or she may not be interested. What is wonderful about homeschooling is that our children are able to enjoy being individuals. They are allowed to explore post high-school options. So guide them to keep these options open, and to plan with these in mind.

At a local homeschooling event, I met many home schooled young adults. One wanted to go to a four year college to earn an art degree. Another wanted to finish high school and travel the globe. Yet another wanted to become a doctor, making her high school plan and execution extremely rigorous. One young man told us that he wanted to go to a technical school or just go out into the workforce. All of them had a very clear idea of what their future looked like.

When I commented how strenuous the process seemed to me and how little I was looking forward to it, one of the mothers shared some of her resources with me. The one that really stands out is Homeschooling Thru High-School It is teeming with information from planning, testing, application process and alternatives. When our time comes, it will be the first we visit for help.

Article By Nuria Almeida

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