How To Find Homeschool Curriculum on a Budget

Times are tough and it seems even homeschoolers are feeling the pinch. Check out this article about some great ways to save on curriculum during harsh economic times.

The tips are geared towards homeschoolers but any parent looking for resources to help their children with home work or other after school educational activities could pick up some good tips. She mentions looking on auction websites like eBay and online classified sites like Craig’s List for resources that other parents might be looking to sell. You can often find people auctioning curriculum and books by ‘lots’ so make sure you also add this as one of your keyword searches. I’ve found some great sets of books for kids at a steal – and some of them in very good condition on eBay. Here’s a tip – set an alert on eBay or an RSS feed on Craig’s List for the keywords that you’re searching for. That way you’ll be the first to know when some new homeschool curriculum goes online!

One site that she doesn’t mention in her article but I think would be worth taking a look at is You can basically go to their website, search for your city, join your local list serve and then search for free stuff or post a wanted ad for what sort of homeschooling resources you’d like. This is a great site for not just finding educational supplies and resources but other things like gently used toys.

So have faith – there are some great resources out there. You just have to find them. Happy Hunting!

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