Human Development and Reproduction

Puberty is a normal and important life stage. As homeschoolers, what do you teach your child and at what age to ensure your child feels good about their body?  The approach and age are important factors when deciding to decimate information.  As early as preschool, human development is an important part of their world.

Across the line, experts tells us to refer to body parts by their correct names and to be open to children’s questions by responding in a factual manner.  Though we are encouraged to answer questions as they arise, we must also take care to discuss the specifics of puberty and reproduction until he or she is developmentally ready, which is most often at about 8 years for girls and 9 for boys. It’s a fine line. Since the onset of puberty varies, keep a close eye to make sure to address specific things so your child will be prepared for the changes that they will experience.

Children younger than this need only general information. Using a variety of books, websites and curriculum to help answer your child’s questions will keep you on track.

Article By Nuria Almeida

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