I’m Not Bored Jar

Its a chronic complaint among children. They say “I’m bored” even as they are surrounded by toys, games and sports equipment.  They day it even when parents planned wonderful activities and outings. What are we to do?

I'm Not Bored Jar

Being bored is not a terrible thing. Personally I think we all need more down time to dream and think. However, sometimes it really is a cry for help when the kids announce boredom. Since kids are used to having days structured and organized, being told what to do all day, every second accounted for, they are missing out on learning to exercise their own initiative.

This, initiative, is such an important thing.  Kids must get a chance to develop self initiative and practice it.  However, don’t expect after a life time of being told what to do that kids will automatically be able to do it themselves.  Help bridge the gap by giving them some choices.  They need a little bit of help.

A great idea these moments of indecision or floundering is to create a “I’m Not Bored” jar for them. Fill the jar with slips of paper where age-appropriate activities are written on them. The jar is an easy way to get them going.  Once they have a little guidance, they can run with it.

Some examples to write are:

-paint a self-portrait

-write and act out a play

-dance like loon

-play hide and seek

-build a fort

-look for local ghost stories and legends

Set up one rule for the jar.  If you say you are bored, then you must choose something from the jar and do it.

For other ideas on things to do when the kids are bored, check out this fun list.

Homeschool Activities by SmartTutor.com

Article by Nuria Almeida

Photo By BarelyFitz

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