I often get inspired to draw and design when I see good art. When the time comes to create new characters for our lessons at Learning Today I find that doing a web search and viewing other artist’s styles is very helpful. I have been using Flash as a drawing tool for more than 7 years to create cartoons, graphics, and websites. Throughout my years of using the program I have discovered many techniques that have allowed me to take my art and designs from simple to extraordinary. One tutorial I enjoyed is called the “Alpha Shade” technique. This tutorial comes in handy for creating online comics, characters, and enhancing graphics in general. It teaches the user about how to use overlaying layers to apply shading and coloring to your art. The good thing is you can take these basic methods and build upon them to create even more dynamic artistic pieces. I highly recommend this site for anyone who is interested in learning how to color and shade using Flash.

O’Lamar Gibson
Graphic Artist

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